Friday, May 27, 2011

Lady Gaga

Photo: Trixie Karinski
  I thought I was raising a jazz man. He's always been interested in Louis Armstrong's trumpet, and before he could sit up he would stop and pay attention when Hugh Masekela came round on the iPod. But I wondered today if we could have different ideas about music.
  Jennifer and I just got Lady Gaga's CD, Born This Way. We liked the drag-queen presentation, the startling aesthetics, and her voice. But when we put it on, we were unanimous. After a couple of songs, we just didn't like it that much.
  But then we looked over at Little Bug, standing in his playpen, looking adorable and a little rakish in just a T-shirt and a diaper. He was hanging on to the top of the play yard with one hand--he can't stand up on his own yet--and was listing seriously to the side, like a small drunk, resting his head against his arm, singing along with his eyes closed, at the top of his voice, "Da, da, da, da, da, da," lost and blissed out in the music.
  I thought we had a few more years before our musical tastes parted ways...

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